Monday, June 13, 2011

Generic Viagra- Medically Acclaimed for Improving Erection Problems

Generic Viagra is a drug for men suffering from impotence. It is greatly available in the market and the most used drug by impotent men. So far, Generic Viagra has helped thousands of men by treating their erectile dysfunction problem. Generic Viagra is the first generic drug medically acclaimed for improving erection problems in men. Generic Viagra is taken orally.

Earlier it is used to think that ED is an aging phenomenon. But, this belief is proved incorrect later. ED is a medical condition and can happen to anyone. Rapidly increasing ED sufferers of the age group 20 to 40 has further proved it completely. And generic Viagra can treat ED problem of all, if other criteria's also match perfectly with them. Intake of generic Viagra has certain conditions attached with it, like, a man has to be medically fit, suffering from mere the sexual problem ED only, etc. and men has to pass in all for taking the drug.

A man is certified to be an ED sufferer when for long he has problem in gaining erection or achieves short term erections. Due to which he is not able to complete the intercourse in a satisfactory manner. This problem has become a norm nowadays and happens to every second man. Though the problem of ED is more predominate in old men but young men also suffer from it greatly. In personal ED has nothing to do with age.

The causes of impotence are mentioned below and anyone who comes in their influence suffers from ED. Physical and mental both types of causes are responsible for ED. Physical problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, kidney or liver disease, vascular conditions, smoking, and excessive alcohol all leads to ED by restricting blood supply to the penis. On the other hand, psychological reasons like stress, tension, anxiety, depression, low confidence, guilt, and personal problems are also a direct way to impotence.

A man should try his best to be away from these both factors. To avoid them may be is impossible but to give less attention to them is what can be done. Your little effort can save you from falling prey to erectile dysfunction. If by any chance you could not resist you from impotence, Generic Viagra is there to take you out of it. One tab of the love pill will nullify all the effects done upon you by the above quoted causes, and give a feel like a normal human who enjoys sexual intercourse to the best.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Generic Viagra Diet Pills

For those who find the prices of Viagra a bit steep, generic Viagra may be the answer you are looking for. It is considerably cheaper than Viagra, with the same results. Remember that to buy genuine generic Viagra you need to make sure that the product is sildenafil citrate. If it's not, it simply isn't generic Viagra. There are many other products on sale that are masquerading as Viagra. So, buyers need to be aware of this.

Using Generic Viagra

Generic Viagra can be used under exactly the same conditions as brand name Viagra. The same cautions also apply. The dosage should not exceed under any circumstances, as this could pose an unnatural strain on the circulatory system. In addition, anyone with a heart condition should consult a specialist before taking sildenafil citrate.

Viagra, or generic Viagra, works by increasing the rate of transmission and therefore blood flow to the penis. Unlike some other treatments for ED, Viagra does not involve the danger of a permanent erection. In general, sildenafil citrate has a very good safety record, and has not been shown to cause side effects.

If you are reluctant to discuss your erectile dysfunction face to face with a physician, you will find your online pharmacy very discreet. The online pharmacist will ask you a few short questions about your general health to ensure that it is safe for you to take Generic Viagra. Once this has been ascertained, you can place your order and will soon receive your medication in an unmarked package.

Build Strong, Sustained Customer Relationships with V.I.A.G.R.A.

The bonds that tie long lasting customer relationships are very important in today’s world. It is said that the average person has 50,000 thoughts go through their mind daily. As a sales person and supplier, you want a few of those to be about you. More importantly, you want those thoughts to be positive.

If you maintain strong customer relationships, you will;

• Gain more business and make more money

• Be respected and people will refer you

• Enjoy your work (and personal) life

Building strong customer relations is easy. First, you need to have a high level of self-esteem and truly want to satisfy your customers. Then all you need to do is follow the six V.I.A.G.R.A. steps to long lasting customer relations.

V- VALUE THEM- Sincerely value them and their business. The most important thing is to show you care about them and their business. When you see them, always offer a “good” handshake. Always use their name and show genuine interest in them. It should go without saying, but a smile on your face will go a long way. As Groucho Marx said about acting, sincerity is important to sales; “once you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”

I- INTEGRITY IS PARAMOUNT- Always do what you commit to do. Follow through with your commitments and if you cannot deliver, then let them know. If something goes wrong with their order, make sure they hear it from you. Remember, if you always do as you promise, your customer will trust you, and trust is the foundation for solid customer relations.

A- ASSESS NEEDS- Ask plenty of questions…then listen. The old 80/20 rule fits well in the selling transaction. You should spend 80% of the time talking and 20% of your time listening. Truth be known, many sales reps exhibit just the opposite, they talk 80% of the time. It is important to note that customers are often, what I like to call, “informationally challenged.” Therefore, the rep must ask questions to elicit vital information from the client in an effort to understand the need behind the need.

G- GIVE MORE- One of the biggest complaints customers site as to why they left a particular supplier is that they did not get what they expected. Disney World is the best example of exceeding customer expectations. Delight your customers by giving them what they want, and more. Now that doesn’t mean giving away the store. Send them an email or better yet a hand written thank you note. Call them to see how pleased they are with their decision. Treat them the way you like to be treated or better yet, like Dr. Tony Alessandra says; “treat them the way they want to be treated.”

R- RELATE TO THEM- One of the best ways to sustain great customer relationships is to get to know them on a personal basis. Remember their birth date and send them a card or give them a call. Whenever you transact with them, lighten things up with a little humor. Recognize important accomplishments they have made. Also sharing important personal things about you will help develop relationships, but don't forget the 80/20 rule.

A- AMELIORATE THEIR LIVES- To ameliorate means to improve or make better. Everything you do for your customer should improve their business or personal life. This is one of the biggest reasons successful sales people site as to why they enjoy being a sales person. As the old saying goes; sow so shall ye reap.

If you fail to maintain strong customer relationships, you will;

• Lose business and money

• Not be respected and get few (if any) referrals

• Experience a miserable personal and professional life

So share V.I.A.G.R.A. with your friends and help them build strong, sustained customer relationships. Terry Wisner, of Partnering To Success, says; “Everyone wants to add value to their selling proposition,” following these six steps on a consistent basis, will result in higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Terry delivers keynote speeches and seminars, like "Be A Customer Service Star" and other teambuilding, sales, and leadership topics.